Sunday School

Central has a vibrant and exciting Sunday school environment for every age and interest group. Our Sunday school program is grounded in our belief of educating God’s people to bring them closer to Him. Sunday school is a great way for you to connect with others and grow in your spiritual journey. Click to expand selection below:


Children & Students

Nursery: Newborn to 15 Months

Even the smallest members of Central enjoy attending Sunday School. The Nursery program offers a quiet (most of the time), Christian atmosphere that allows parents the chance to attend an adult Sunday School class.  Location 1st Floor.

Toddler: 15 Months to 3 years

We help out toddlers learn socialization skills such as sharing and playing with others, while helping our preschoolers learn a very basic understanding of who, what and how God and Jesus can be part of our daily lives. A period of playtime is followed by story time with all activities tied to or based on a Bible story or lesson.  Location 1st Floor Room 1-9, 1-10)

Beginners: 4 and 5 year olds

Using Bible stories and lessons, our focus is to help our children link life experiences and to practice what they are learning. Topics includes: Jesus is God’s Son, God helped Jesus grow and learn, and Jesus’ friends help one another. Location 1st Floor,  Room 1-4, 1-6.  

Children: 1st and 2nd Grades

The session opens with a ‘circle time’ of singing, prayer, sharing and chatting. The children then break into smaller groups for the morning lesson and a little handiwork. Location Basement, Room G-2

Children: 3rd and 4th Grades

The curriculum focuses on the importance of reading the Bible and bringing it to church. On 1st entering the department, each child receives his/her very own Bible with his/her name on it. Emphasis is placed on classroom involvement by reading the Bible story and applying the biblical principles learned that week. Location Basement, Room G-6

Juniors: Grades 5th and 6th

Emphasis is placed on basic Christianity in an effort to build future Christian leaders. The top priority is to teach Christian values and their relationship to the world in which we live. Location 2nd Floor, Room 2-5

Junior High: Grades 7-8

The mission of this class is to teach the Bible and make its lessons relevant to the issues currently facing middle school-age children, while assisting in the growth of their faith. Scripture is presented, followed by either discussions, a skit or game based on that scripture. Location Basement, Room G-9, G-11

Students: Grade 9

It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS! A customized curriculum especially for young people facing new pressures and challenges as they enter high school is used, beginning with the students, relationships with parents, friends, teachers, and others. Some of the topics include peer pressure, additions, self-worth, dating and sexual purity. Ninth graders then attend the Catechetical Class the second half of the year. The prepares them for the decision of becoming a member of the church. Location 2nd Floor Stage [/learn_more

Students: Grades 10-12

These students are encouraged to apply critical thinking to their knowledge of the Bible. This experience centers on general Christian topics applying faith to every day life accomplished primarily through open group discussions where they are urged to share their experiences. Discussions are often lively and valuable to their future beyond high school.  Location Basement, Room G-3

Adults & Parents

Bethel Bible Study

This group takes an in-depth look at all of the books of the Bible, beginning with Creation. Location 2nd Floor, Room 2-4

Family Circle

This group uses it’s fellowship to grow as Christians and apply what is learned to daily living. A variety of resources are used for discussion, including current books on various aspects of Christianity, videos and the Bible. All areas of study are tied to biblical principles and the Bible is always used as a reference. A very casual atmosphere fosters much discussion and participation. Location 2nd Floor, Room 2-2

Family Life Class

This class’s mission is threefold: spiritual, service and social. We explore concepts and topics that will foster Christian growth, enrich families and lives, assist the needy via service projects and enjoy Christian fellowship. Books on Christianity, religion and child rearing, the Internet, videos and outside speakers are resources utilized. Location 2nd Floor, Room 2-3

Potpourri: variety of ages

This class provides a welcoming and supportive learning environment where participants may explore the various aspects of faith in God, enabling their growth towards Christian maturity. The class usually studies from a book but also studies chapters from the Bible such as Romans, Revelations and James. The class is discussion oriented. Location 2nd Floor, Room 2-7

Everyday Faith Class

The mission of this class is to grow in Biblical knowledge while cultivating Christian Fellowship. Our style is interactive with a few members taking turns as facilitator, presenting content and leading the discussion. We use the Bible and other books dealing with parenting, stewardship and fruits of the spirit. Location Basement, Room G-12

New Members Class

The purpose of this class is to help participants decide if they wish to join our church family. Basic Christian doctrine along with Schwenckfeld’s teachings are discussed and information is shared on the structure and operation of the church. Location Chapel

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